Hi everyone, it’s Kate here, today I’m excited to continue talking about the value of an email list which is debatable by some people because it depends on how well you nurture it and what you do with that list. When I say nurture it, I mean how often you send to it and what value you add in those emails.

On average marketers like me will say that one email subscriber is worth $1 per month. I know that’s broad but you can imagine, if you’ve got 10,000 email people on your list, and they’re dying to hear what you have to say next month, that’s a pretty hot list and you’re going to find it very easy to convert that to revenue by promoting offers to subscribers.

If on the other hand you got a thousand people and you want to email them once a month and you’re just selling things, it’s probably only worth a few bucks. You might get one of your sales from that. It depends on what you sell or do, obviously. There is value in it though.

Email List Management Software Companies

There has to be value in your email list because email lists cost you money. Even just to have an email management account like MailChimp.com or Aweber.com, and my favourite ActiveCampaign.com, these are simple little places you can go sign up, but they mostly cost money when your email list starts to grow.

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We always recommend people start with MailChimp because it’s free and people like free. But free means free. It’s going to have a lot of branding of MailChimp all over it and it has poor deliverability, so it can really stuff up your email success long term. But it does the job when you are starting out. You can put your toe in the water with email marketing with a company like MailChimp because it’s non-confronting for people to not have to pay. It’s risk free.

I suggest clients sign up with a paid email management client (like Active Campaign) if they are in business and they want a quality email product. It has great tracking features and it’s easy to see your engagement analytics. What are your subscribers clicking on?

You can automate the thank you email that is sent when people sign up and you can send one-off broadcasts. That means send out an email to the whole list fairly fast and easy. You log in your username and your password and you say, “Right, I want to send this XXXX to my list.” You pick the name and the list that you set up and people have subscribed to it. And then you just send out, you type out the email, there’s a template right there in the program, and this is with all email management softwares, not just MailChimp. Then you push “Publish.”

Then you can look at your stats and see how that went a few days later. Generally, if they don’t opened within the first three days they’re pretty much are not going open. You will know pretty fast if you’ve had a successful campaign by how soon people often open.

If it’s a special offer, it might take a few days before people decide to buy. Obviously sending reminder emails to buy is going to help you sell more.

Using Email Scripts

We’ve briefly discussed email client software (above) you can use to manage your email list. But there are other ways to do your email marketing, but I don’t normally recommend this way of doing email marketing. If you have your own server you can set up email scripts, you can manage them yourself, but unless your email lists exceed 100,000 I really wouldn’t bother with them.

Really big companies do that because the thing with MailChimp and all those places, it’s free but only up to 2,000 names. If you start to get up to 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, these email lists are going to start costing you $50 a month, $100 a month and so on. If you don’t make money from your list it’s actually going to be a counter-productive thing. It’s going to cost you money. You have to make money from it. Otherwise you will just have to export your whole email list, and close your account. When you’re ready to restart emailing again, the problem with that it can be hard to restart an un-nurtured email list as a lot of people are going to ask who you are and they may say, “This is spam, you don’t know me.” It’s better when you’re ready to go into an email list that you really gung-ho and you go with it, you know what you’re doing, you know what your goals are, and you go for it.

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